It’s the most wonderful time of the year – with plenty of food, drinks, parties and late nights, it’s not surprising that many of us need a vacation after the holidays.  Here are our top 3 tips to help prevent writing-off your day after a holiday party and get the most of your time off this season!
1. Before heading off to a cocktail party, have a well balanced meal. This may seem counterintuitive. The invitation says there will be appetizers served, which we all know are delicious, but often aren’t very nutritious. The chances of finding a well balanced selection of appetizers is slim to none, so if you’re not hungry because you’ve already nourished yourself, you can enjoy a few of your favourites without concern.


2. If you’re planning to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks, hydrate to prevent a hangover. Most of us can relate to having a pounding headache the day after a night out. Did you know that a major contributing factor to hangovers is dehydration? Hydrate before, hydrate during, and hydrate after. Great options are water, lemon water, coconut water, and Emergen-C. While at the party, after every alcoholic drink, have a large glass of water. 1 for 1. And do the same when you get home before bed.


3. Try to maintain your regular routine over the holidays. We know this is easier said than done, but getting enough rest, keeping with the foundation of your healthy eating routines, and exercising will help keep you feeling good heading into the new year.