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East Toronto’s Leading Clinic with Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors Osteopaths, Registered Massage Therapists & Psychotherapists.

Leslieville’s leading integrative health clinic, since 2012. Our mission is to provide the ultimate in family wellness through patient-centred collaborative care. We’re a dedicated team of Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists, Osteopathic Manual Practitioners and Psychotherapists with the goal of keeping you and your family feeling your optimal everyday.  Contact us today and Release your stress – Recharge your energy – Relieve your pain and

Restore Your Health.

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Our amazing team will help you feel your absolute best, everyday.

Restore Integrative Health Doctors East Toronto, Dr.Sue Dr Sapna

Naturopathic Medicine

We look at health with a proactive and preventative lens. Using evidence-based testing and treatments, our Naturopathic Doctors are here to help take your health to the next level.

Restore Physical Integrative health

Physical Medicine

From aches to aaah’s, our amazing Chiropractors, Osteopathic Manual Therapists and Registered Massage Therapists can help you move and feel your best.

Restore Emotional Integrative Health, Pyschology , Psychotherapy East Toronto

Emotional Wellbeing

In a safe and non-judgmental space, our Psychotherapist and Registered Social Worker can help guide you to approach your life obstacles with more clarity and confidence.

Trust in experience.

With over a decade of experience, Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Sue and Dr. Sapna will help you get to the root of the issue and feeling better, faster.  Using evidence-based testing and working collaboratively within your circle of care, we’re passionate about getting you feeling awesome again!

Naturopathic Programs

Our specialized programs can help you reach your health goals so you can stop the overwhelm of going at it alone. Stop wasting time and resources without the results. Let us help you take back control of your health with a strategic approach using customized testing, treatments and protocols that work!

Healthy Hormones

Menstrual concerns including PCOS, PMS, fibroids, heavy or painful periods, endometriosis and irregular cycles. Hormonal transitions from peri to menopause. Thyroid and cortisol concerns.

Bean to Baby

Fertility optimization, pregnancy support and postpartum care. Safe and effective support for the hormonal, physical and emotional shifts that occur during this exciting yet challenging stage.

Stay Sharp

Investigate and address the root cause of fatigue, stress, sleep issues, brain fog and energy slumps.

Happy Belly

Improving digestion and addressing abdominal pain. IBS, IBD, acid reflux/GERD, inconsistent stools and bloating/gas.

Leslieville’s leading integrative health clinic providing the ultimate in family wellness through patient-centred collaborative care. We’re a dedicated team of practitioners offering Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Registered Massage Therapy, Osteopathic Manual Therapy and Psychotherapy.