Bean to Baby

 Prenatal to Pregnancy Program 

Pregnancy Program Toronto

Bean to Baby

Let us support your fertility journey every step of the way with evidence and compassion.

Restore Your Health presents our Bean to Baby , prenatal to pregnancy program at our clinic in Toronto to help moms matter where you are at in your journey.

Who You Are:  Those who are seeking to become pregnant, who are currently pregnant, or who have just had a baby join their family. 

Hopes of becoming pregnant are naturally paired with questions and concerns about your body and health. Overwhelm is common, between Dr. Google and fertility clinics, this special pregnancy program provides women and/or partners with evidence-based support including clinical nutrition, botanicals, and acupuncture. We commonly work with women who are at all stages of the fertility journey, and can provide safe and effective adjunctive support during IUI and IVF.

From nausea, to fatigue, to mood shifts, the pregnancy program includes therapies, protocols and home treatments developed specifically for the changes of your body and mind while you are pregnant. We ensure you feel ready and well covered for delivery by working with your OB and/or midwife. The result is a program developed to help you get ready for delivery and be prepared for the postpartum time period. Meet our naturopathic doctors who designed this program will be supporting you throughout your pregnancy journey : click here.