The Happy Belly 

Healthy Digestion 

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The Happy Belly

Program For Improving and Healthy Digestion and Addressing Abdominal Pain

Restore Integrative Health offers The Happy Belly, a program at our Toronto Clinic dedicated to encouraging and improving healthy digestion. 

Who You Are: Anyone with IBS, IBD, SIBO, abdominal pain, acid reflux/GERD, or irregular stools in timing or consistency. 

Digestion and abdominal pain can control the fundamental aspects our lives; what we eat, sleep quality, mood, stress and energy levels, to name just a few. The Happy Belly program has been developed to evaluate, pinpoint, treat and help alleviate irritants that impact the health of your digestive system.

The full evaluation of your digestive health includes what we eat, how we eat, looking at any imbalances in gut flora, and the things we do day to day that can impact our digestive health. This evaluation is integral to understanding the triggers of pain and discomfort, and to providing long term symptom relief. Learn more about the Naturopathic Doctors who will be helping you, view our team.