By: Dr. Sue Love ND and Dr. Sapna Flower ND

For many of us, and especially families with small children, the FALL equals COLD and FLU season. Did you know Naturopathic Medicine can not only help to treat colds and flus, but also prevent you and your family from getting sick in the first place?

Colds and flus are most common in early fall, mid-winter and early spring. During these times, supporting the immune system can reduce the frequency of colds and flus. This can be done through diet, herbs and some simple lifestyle changes.

Bright coloured vegetables and fruits are high in vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which help support the immune system.

Adding the herb astragalus to soups can help boost the immune system, and a traditional Chinese herb combination called “change of season soup” can help support the body through the stresses associated with the changes that come with seasonal changes. If you have a tendency to get sick each fall, consider booking an appointment to further discuss how to support your immune system in the time when colds and flus seem to be everywhere.

Sleep and rest are essential for preventing and fighting colds and flus, as they allow the body to conserve energy to fight any infection it may encounter. As many viruses are spread via hands, practicing good hygiene through frequent hand washing is a quick and easy step to avoid the transfer of viruses.

Don’t forget each person is unique and an individualized treatment approach is ideal. Speak with your Naturopathic Doctor or healthcare practitioner about a treatment plan that works best for you and your family.