Hello! We’re East Toronto Foot Care, a group of chiropodists who are passionate about keeping you on your feet. We’re so excited to be joining all the wonderful healthcare professionals at Restore Integrative Health and we look forward to having the opportunity to meet you!

Our feet are such an important part of our day-to-day lives. They connect us to the earth and help propel us through life. Feet are also very easy to ignore – they get tucked away in socks and shoes, and when they are functioning well, we can forget they are even there.

But when your feet do start to pester you with aches and pains, stubborn warts, ingrown nails, or annoying calluses, we’re here to help make you and your feet happy again!

Some of the most common foot concerns we help with are: 

  • Foot pain/foot injuries
  • Routine foot care, such as nail trimming and corn/callus removal 
  • Warts
  • Ingrown nails
  • Biomechanical, foot orthoses, and footwear assessment

Meet our Team!

Linda Kim, chiropodist

Linda has always believed that as a chiropodist, her top priority for her patients is to improve their quality of life by keeping their feet at their best. Linda practices the full scope for chiropody and believes in working with her patients to formulate the best treatment plan to suit their interests and needs. 

Out of the office, Linda is always looking for her next adventure to explore and believes travel is great for self discovery. 

Tahlia Berkhof, chiropodist

Tahlia is a passionate and dedicated chiropodist who treats her patients using evidenced-based management plans designed for each individual patient. She strives to go above and beyond to ensure her patients can return back to normal activity free of foot pain.

Tahlia has an interest in biomechanics and sports medicine and enjoys spending time educating her patients on their foot concerns. In her spare time, she loves to use her professional knowledge to help athletes by volunteering at sporting events around the city such as the Toronto Marathon. 

Emily Stock, chiropodist

Emily provides a wide range of medical foot care with a special interest in sports injuries and biomechanics. She has always been fascinated with how the human body moves and believes that a healthy base of support is critical to healthy movement. 

In her spare time, Emily enjoys spending time with friends and family, trying new recipes with her husband, spoiling her dog Frankie, getting out into nature, and nerding out on the latest biomechanics and gait research

Emily is passionate about health and wellness. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you with all your foot concerns!

FOR BOOKING and MORE INFORMATION, please visit:  https://www.easttorontofootcare.com/