By:  Natalie Amell RMT

Back to school time is almost here. The last thing you think about as a kid (or even as an adult student) is probably your posture, but thinking about it now can save you headaches in the future – literally. Why headaches? We call them Trigger Point referrals. A Trigger Point is a tender spot on the muscle that shortens the muscle and also refers pain to a predictable area. Most of the neck and shoulder muscles refer into the head and give the characteristic “tension headache” weʼve all felt at one time or another. Children can get these too.

The most common referral pattern is up the back of the neck, behind the ear, into the temple, or just as a band across the temples. The first thing to look at is how the back pack sits. The bag should fit snug to the body as this takes the pressure off the shoulders and more evenly distributes the weight. Teach your child how to tighten the straps. Often the straps need to be loosened to remove the bag, but the next time the bag is worn they need to be readjusted.
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