Headache & Migraine Care

Headache & Migraine Care

with Nurse practitioner Christie Tait mn np-phc

Restore Integrative Clinic is proud to offer East Toronto’s leading services in headache and migraine diagnosis and management with our Nurse Practitioner, Christie Tait.

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a regulated healthcare provider whose scope of practice allows them to independently provide comprehensive health care to clients. Nurse Practitioners can diagnose health conditions, order and interpret investigations, and prescribe all medications. 

Nurse Practitioners are initially trained through a bachelor’s degree program as registered nurses. Following at least 2 years of clinical practice they complete a master’s degree and an intensive clinical training program before they are eligible to write a registration exam to qualify as NPs. 

Many patients in Ontario have a Nurse Practitioner as their primary care provider or NPs may also work in specialized areas, such as our NP, Christie.

Meet our Nurse Practitioner, Christie Tait here.

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Headache & Migraine Care

  • Headaches should not be limiting to function or impact quality of life.  However, many people live without having their headaches clearly diagnosed or effectively managed.  

    A few facts:

    • Migraine is underdiagnosed and undertreated resulting in unnecessary disability
    • Migraine is commonly misdiagnosed as sinus and tension headache 
    • Many people do not know they have migraine 
    • Women are affected 3 times more than men, and 1 in 4 women in their 40s experience migraine attacks

    Restore’s Nurse Practitioner, Christie Tait, is offering a comprehensive headache and migraine care program.  Christie is able to clarify your headache diagnosis, rule out any other concerns, and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. For some individuals, medication and treatment is necessary to improve control over headaches.  Christie can prescribe appropriate treatments based on your needs and personal goals. Additionally, the plan will include evidence-based guidance on lifestyle factors, nutrition, manual therapies, acupuncture, stress reduction, and sleep optimization as the foundation of care. 

    Botox for Migraine

    Botox has been an approved treatment for Chronic Migraine since 2011.  Interestingly, the effects on migraine were first noted in the 80s on women who were having cosmetic Botox treatments.  

    We now understand that in chronic migraine sensory nerves become hypersensitive and inflamed.  This leads to increasing frequency of migraine attacks that are more easily triggered. Botox works by preventing the release of pain transmitters from the sensory nerves and can start to decrease the severity and frequency of migraine attacks.  These injections are performed every 3 months and at least 3 treatments are needed to determine effectiveness. Botox is well established as a safe and effective treatment for chronic migraine.

Are Nurse Practitioners Covered Under Insurance?

Many private insurance companies will cover the cost of Botox for chronic migraine. 

Book a complimentary virtual headache triage visit to determine if this is a treatment option for you.  (structureclinic.janeapp.com)

Some extended health care plans may cover nurse practitioner services, please check your insurance provider for details.   All visit fees are considered a medical expense for tax purposes. 

CANCELLATION POLICY:   Please note that we require 24 hours notice for cancelled appointments. Patients will be charged the FULL FEE of the appointment for late cancellations or no shows.

How much does a Nurse Practitioner cost at Restore Integrative Health? 

*Fees are HST exempt